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Development of forging industry

2019-12-27 22:48

When it comes to forging industry, the key point of the past is to forge iron. People will remember the concept of free forging as the main concept of forging. In the 1980s and 1990s, people have a further understanding of forging, and die forging is the real connotation of forging. For this reason, these years around the die forging people started a discussion and investment. Over the past decade, what new developments have taken place in forging industry, a small and important industry? Forging hammer - the forging hammer has developed from the past gravity drop hammer, steam air hammer, liquid air hammer to the present electro-hydraulic hammer. The main progress of this equipment is energy control, strike stability, guidance and use. At present, there is also an automatic forging hammer forging production line. Screw press - screw press has developed from the past manual screw hammer, double disc friction press to today's clutch screw press and direct drive screw press. This new type of press is characterized by high energy and controllable force. In the past, the main problem is the impact on the power grid. At present, the problem is basically solved by using frequency conversion. Mechanical press - the great development of mechanical press should be in the 1970s and 1980s. It is also the product of mass production of forgings. The automatic production line of press is the idea of Russians and the experiment of Germans. The world's full-automatic forging production line is installed in the forging plant of Dongfeng Motor Company in China. In recent years, the problems of press forging have not found a complete solution, but people have found that the extension of press forging frame is controllable. Generally speaking, the press should extend 1mm every 10MN when working. Without this elongation, it is impossible for the press to achieve forging.


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