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Ruian Huadong Forging Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating forging, alloy die casting, mechanical machining, heat treatment and surface plating. At present, the company has five forging lines (300t-1000t), eight sets of alloy die-casting equipment (280t-1350t), thirty-eight sets of machining equipment, one line for normalizing and tempering mesh belt furnace, two full-automatic lines for electroplating (nickel and stainless steel).
The main products of the company are: auto parts series, forging parts series, alloy die casting parts series, auto trailer parts series, door closer series. There are: trailer ball, connecting rod, spline shaft, fork, swing arm, etc. Our products are exported to Western Europe, America and Southeast Asia.
Our trailer ball, door closer and other products have passed IS9001-2000 certification. Door closer is exported to famous European companies such as DOMA and Gezer, all of which show that our company is your reliable partner.
The company in line with the "high starting point, high technology, high quality" technical purpose and "reputation first, quality first" service purpose to create a quality package.



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